The Truth of What Awaits Us After Death is Stranger than Fiction
What initially appears to be a simple pyramid scheme rapidly grows out of control
Ghosts aren’t something you see or hear, but something you feel. It’s not what’s there. It’s what you expect to be there, that isn’t. I didn’t fully…
“What’s with the costume?” At first it looked as though he didn’t hear me. The object of my interest was a bearded man in his late thirties with an…
Welcome to the Afterlife
Who could put God on trial, and what would he say in his defense?
Spot the difference, it may save your life
The tale of a boy confined to the crawlspace until adulthood, now unwilling to leave
A collection of dreary poems about yearning for the road not taken
Never again shall men commit the three sins which destroyed the world
The Last Survivors of Future Humanity Trapped on a Floating City by the Tyrannical Blue Star
The whimsical rhyming tale of the hidden world within our Earth